1. General

Do you work with non-staffing companies?

We have chosen to become experts in one industry, temporary staffing, therefore we do not currently work with non-staffing related companies.

Do you pay all payroll tax liabilities and file returns?

Yes, we pay all payroll liabilities and file returns. 

What if I only need payroll services?

We currently do not engage clients for payroll alone. Our model is based upon a full-service accounting package.

Are you a PEO or the Employer of Record?

We are not a PEO, nor are we the Employer of Record. We act on your behalf as your accounting staff.

2. Administration

Do I have to maintain my administrative staff when I sign up with AdminAssist?

We do encourage all clients to hire at least one experienced individual who is committed to work with us directly. You may determine
who that individual will be as long as they are qualified, committed and authorized to view data and submit entries through our portal.

Will AdminAssist train and manage my administration staff?

AdminAssist will provide initial training to your team on the AdminAssist process and online portal.

Will you respond to emails and phone calls from our employees/consultants?

AdminAssist will communicate directly with your Company representative who may respond to your contractor’s demands.

Do you provide forms and contracts?

We provide standard orientation forms such as, EEO, Direct Deposit, Emergency Contact and tax forms. We recommend that you
consult with legal counsel to ensure you have legally binding contracts in place.

How do I know if a transaction entered onto the portal is processed?

Our online portal provides an intuitive view in which you may track and monitor a submittal through each step. In addition, validation
emails will be sent for every new hire, change and/or exit which is processed. This email will be sent to the authorized Company
representative as well as any representative(s) associated with the placement.

3. Fees

How do you charge for your service?

We charge a monthly fee which will include a tiered base fee, based upon headcount size, as well as per headcount fee.

4. Banking

Do I need to have a Lock Box set up on my bank account?

We recommend that all live checks are sent directly to a secure bank lockbox to allow for timely deposits with details for the application.

Do I need to have Positive Pay capabilities setup on my bank account?

We recommend that all live checks are approved by an authorized Company representative to ensure the proper controls are in place
to prevent fraud.

Will AdminAssist require approval for payments processed through our bank account?

We will obtain restricted access to your bank account, which will not allow payment authorization. The Company will maintain
full control over the approval and transfer of funds.

What happens if we don’t have enough funds in the account to cover payroll?

You are responsible for maintaining a bank balance to allow us to process payroll. If sufficient funds are NOT available,
an authorized company representative will need to notify us with detailed instructions as to what and when items should be paid.

5. Payroll

Can I pay my internal employees on a different payroll cycle than my external contractors?

Our service is designed to streamline your processes to allow for growth and efficiency. We will process payroll for internal employees
and external contractors on one payroll cycle. You may select the payroll cycle that works best for your Company.

Does AdminAssist have a time system?

We allow our clients the flexibility to select a time system of their own choosing. Time integrations are available for variable
time and VMS systems.

Will AdminAssist collect time from our contractors?

The Company will be responsible for obtaining and reporting time each payroll period.

How many accounts can my employees set up for direct deposit?

Employees may set up a direct deposit into two (2) bank accounts. Vendors (1099s & C2C) may establish one (1) bank account.

Will you track paid time off and paid sick leave?

The Company will notify AdminAssist of an employees’ eligibility for Paid Time Off (PTO) and Paid Sick Leave (PSL) upon the submittal
of the New Hire Form. PTO and PSL on-demand reports are available on the secure portal for review.

Do you process payments for my employee expenses?

We will process a separate payment for all employee expenses. We have the capability to import variable formats to
allow our clients the flexibility to use the system of their choosing. Payment of expenses will coincide with the Company payroll cycle
based upon deadline submittal requirements.

Will you pay my 1099/C2C Contractors?

Yes, we can process payments for 1099/C2C contractors. Hours may be reported for all 1099/C2C contractors on your payroll
submittal. 1099/C2C invoices will be posted to coincide with your payroll cycle.

Do I have to pay my 1099/C2C Contractors on a different schedule?

1099/C2C Contractors will be paid according to your payment terms and not always on the scheduled pay date.

6. Payroll Taxes

My Company has employees in only one state, what do you mean by “2 states provided at no charge”?

Employees will need to pay taxes based upon the state in which they work, not where the Company is based. As a result, a payroll
tax account will need to be established in each state where the Company has employees. We will register your Company to
report payroll taxes in up to 2 states at no charge.

*Each additional state will be assessed an additional fee.*

When do you take deductions for payroll taxes?

Tax deductions will be taken at the time the payroll is processed.

Will you handle our corporate and/or personal tax returns?

We encourage our clients to obtain an outside CPA to conduct periodic audits as well as to assist in the preparation of their personal
and corporate tax returns.

7. Accounts Receivable

How often do you invoice?

We will generate invoices after each payroll cycle to coincide with your customer’s billing cycle.

Do you handle my Company deposits?

We will apply deposits where remittance advice information has been provided. We encourage all live checks to be sent to a secure
lockbox to ease administration.

What if want to change the invoice format?

We currently have standard invoice format options to accommodate variable billing increments.

May I receive copies of all the invoices?

Yes. We can provide a copy of all invoices to your authorized Company representative at the time of distribution. In addition, invoices
will be available on our secure portal site for future access.

My customers require timecards to accompany their invoice, can this be accommodated?

Timecards may be attached to invoices prior to distribution when provided in the AdminAssist standard PDF format.

8. Accounts Payable

How do I submit hours for my independent contractors and/or C2Cs?

Hours for all contactors will be submitted at the time of payroll on the payroll form.

How do you pay my 1099/C2C Vendors?

Vendors will be paid according to the payment terms which you will submit on the New Hire Form. We will post the hours worked in
the pay period in which hours are reported and age the invoice as per the pay period end date.

May a Vendor be paid electronically?

Yes. Vendors may be paid via ACH into one bank account of their choosing.

Will AdminAssist communicate directly with my Vendors?

 AdminAssist will communicate directly with your Company representative who may respond to your vendor’s inquiry.

Will AdminAssist resolve an invoice dispute with my Vendor?

The authorized Company representative should resolve any disputes regarding invoices at the Company level.

Will AdminAssist download my Company credit card bills (or debit card charges) for processing each month?

We will process payments for credit card invoices, which are submitted through our online secure portal. We require an
expense form to be provided with all credit card invoices to ensure the expenses have been properly allocated. Clients may elect to
have their administrative staff download and prepare the required documents to be uploaded to the portal for processing.

9. Benefits

Is a health plan available through AdminAssist?

We do not currently offer health benefits. We do offer partner brokers familiar with the staffing industry to obtain a quote.

Is a 401k plan available through AdminAssist?

We do not currently offer a 401k plan.

Do I have to notify AdminAssist of my employee’s benefit status?

Yes. We will need to administer payroll deductions and therefore need to be alerted to the benefit status of your employees.

Can you help track eligibility for those employees who may change their status from PT to FT?

We provide on-demand reports to allow your team the ability to conduct periodic audits to determine the eligibility status of your

Will you assist in monitoring benefit invoices on an individual level?

If you are able to provide benefit invoice detail in excel format each month, we will update our system on an individual level. Most
carriers allow for this export capability. Benefit reconciliation variance reports may be available as part of the month-end financial
packet to allow your team the ability to reconcile your benefit invoices.

10. Commissions

Can you help our Company design a commission plan?

Our team can provide assistance to your company in the development of a standard commission plan. This standard format will be
used each month to determine commission payments.

What if I have my own commission plan which differs from the one you provide?

Standard commission reports will allow flexibility to assign up to:
  • 2 Representative Types (Account Executive & Recruiter)
  • 3 Class Structures (W2, 1099/C2C and Direct)
  • Tiered Structure (Standard tiers for each representative type)
Variances to this format will require additional development which will incur an additional charge.

What if I have more than 3 class structures?

The intent is to streamline your processes to allow for growth and ease of administration. Additional class structures may be assessed
additional fees.

What if I want a different commission plan for every representative type?

Commission plans which differ from our standard format may be assessed additional fees.

Do you track direct placements when they are placed or when the deal starts?

Direct placements are booked on the actual start date and all commissions paid when paid by the Customer. Best practice encourages
the recognition of revenue on the date the deal starts and not when the deal is made.

11. Financials

What if I don’t want my administrative staff to be able to view financial information on the portal?

Individuals who are assigned “Managerial” access to the portal will be able to view financial information. You may assign those
individuals whom you do not wish to view this data with “Submitter” or “Clerical” level access.

What calendar do you use for financial purposes?

Clients who elect a bi-weekly and/or weekly payroll cycle will follow the 4-4-5 Accounting Calendar.

What is included in your standard financial packet?

Financial packets are prepared and uploaded to the portal each month to include,
  • Cash Activity
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement (YTD and Trailing Trend)
  • Operating Expense Detail
  • Spread Detail by Class
  • Aged Receivable Report

What if I want an additional report included as part of the month-end packet?

The development of customized reports and/or additional reporting will be assessed an additional fee based upon service availability.

Do you provide assistance with budgeting?

Yes, we can provide standard budget reporting which is updated once a year at the beginning of each year.

How will I receive the financial packet each month?

Authorized individuals will obtain access to our secure online portal to obtain copies of month-end financials.